Brooklyn’s Longest and Most Diverse Street


Can you guess which street in Brooklyn is the longest? It traverses the borough to such an extent that there is a good chance that you use it daily.

Bedford AVenue

If there is one street which really defines Brooklyn, it will be  Bedford Avenue. This street stretches for nearly 10 miles from Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint (North Brooklyn) to Emmonds Avenue in Sheepshead Bay (South Brooklyn). It runs through the neighborhoods of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Midwood, and Sheepshead Bay. Consequently, many different demographics and cultures can be found along this street. Greenpoint is home to a sizable Polish American community, whereas Williamsburg is a melting point of artists, writers, craft brewers, and tech startups. Crown Heights and Midwood boast a vibrant Jewish community while Bed-Stuy and Flatbush are home to many Black, Latino, and Caribbean Americans. Finally, Sheepshead Bay’s demographic comprises of many Russian and Eastern European immigrants.

Bedford Avenue

The L train and  the B6, B11, B44, and B49 buses are the public transit options for commuters living and doing business along Beford Avenue.

So whenever your friends are visiting Brooklyn, take them for a drive or bus ride down Bedford Avenue. They will definitely witness the diversity that our borough is famous for!




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