Lettered Subway Lines are finally getting countdown clocks!


The MTA announced last Thursday that digital countdown clocks are finally coming to the lettered-lines.  The rollout will start along the N, Q, and R lines. There will be a 90 day test of the clocks in 8 subway stations. Ultimately, the MTA intends to have the clocks in all of the 269 lettered-line stations.

These new installations are part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to modernize the New York City transit system. They are funded from the $27 billion MTA Capital Program.

However, it seems that Brooklyn residents will have to wait a while to get these clocks at their stations. The rollout will start in Manhattan at the 23rd Street; 28th Street; 34th Street; 42nd Street; 49th Street; 57th Street; 5th Avenue/59th Street; and Lexington Avenue/59th subway stops.

Some of the numbered-lines had countdown clocks as early as 2011. So why are the lettered-lines getting them only now? If you know or have an idea, please leave a comment below!




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